Other Brand ID Projects

Good design is universal. Simple design is immediate. Why not benefit from both?

We work with a variety of clients across many industry categories. The one thing our clients have in common is a passion for clarity. Here are just a few examples.

Luinenburg Photography

 After exploring many concepts, we perfected an identity system built upon the letter “L” while conveying the essence of Mark Luinenburg’s singular personality and sense of humor. Learn more about Mark’s amazing work here.

Qatapult Consulting

In the crowded category of IT consulting, this client first needed a new name that was unique yet simple and memorable. After developing the name, we crafted a brand identity system that emphasized the modularity of this brand’s new logotype.

Trott Brook Financial

The tagline, A More Balanced Approach, is more than a brand promise. It is echoed through the logo’s emblem, a double-leaf yin-yang symbol inspired by the beautiful scenery found on the owners’ property which borders a real brook. 

The Nerheim Project

This client had a vision: create a new kind of home for kids lost in the chaos of the foster care system. To realize this dream, they first needed a brand platform and a compelling, easy-to-update website. 

Skywater Bach Festival

How do you brand an emerging music festival in a state known for it’s beautiful waters? You start with a modern emblem that evokes waves and a tagline that suggests diving in. 

Desca Music Stand

This client invented one of the world’s most innovative portable music stands and needed a product name as well as a brand. While this brand has since been sold, we are still proud of the work we did to help launch this amazing product. 

Origin of a name

Within symphony orchestras, music stands are called “desks.” So why not use the latin version of this name to add extra distinction? After developing the name, we designed a word mark that suggests musical phrasing and sound waves. The rest is history.

Project Portfolio

The work we do is highly strategic and proprietary, so much of it can’t be shown due to non-disclosure agreements with our clients. Following is a good sampling of just some of our work.


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