GIA Publications

This world leader in music publishing needed a forward-looking brand refresh that reflected their growth and evolution while honoring their origins.

A nod to the past

GIA Publications, Inc. was originally founded as The Gregorian Institute of America, a name that reflected their early emphasis on the publication of Gregorian chant music.

To reflect these origins, we turned to Gregorian chant notation for inspiration. The fundamental shapes which comprise this notation are called neumes, the most basic of which is called a punctum, the shape which inspired the new GIA logo. The shape also suggests book, hymnal, page, banner, arch and dramatic arc.


The word neume can be traced back to the ancient Greek pneuma (breath) or neuma (sign), while the word punctum, appropriately means point, apex, cusp, or a point of transition.

Agile brand architecture

To create a more cohesive brand identity across all of GIA’s growing divisions, we collaborated with the client to develop a subsidiary brand architecture that reinforced the GIA master brand while simplifying the brand’s visual language.


The visual elements that comprise this new brand ID system were designed for high performance on today’s many digital media platforms, including phones, tablets, PCs and social media.

Project Portfolio

The work we do is highly strategic and proprietary, so much of it can’t be shown due to non-disclosure agreements with our clients. Following is a good sampling of just some of our work.


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